• Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Time You Use Online Backup

    online-backup-04If you are someone who has a lot of valuable irreplaceable files stored on your computer but do not backup your computer at all, then I suggest that you read this article. Now, if you are someone who backs up your computer files onto an external hard drive, then you also might like to read this. Below are the top five reasons you should seriously consider using an online backup solution.

    Convenience. Online backup solutions are more convenient than conventional methods of data storage. External hard drives, CD’s and flash disks can hold substantial information, but require manual handling and labeling. It is quite cumbersome to keep track of data stored therein, especially for organizations that deal with huge amounts of data. Conversely, online backup services automatically save information as it streams in depending on the settings in place. You are not forced to halt doing work, in order to save information, label it and track its location. The convenience of carbonite backup allows you to concentrate on your work without worrying about loss of data.

    Safety. Most conventional methods of backing up data such as CD’s, DVD’s, flash disks and external hard drives are not totally foolproof. These gadgets, similar to your PC, are liable to spoilage and destruction in case of fire, flooding, theft or other risks. Thus, you may lose valuable backed up information in the event of risk occurrences. On the other hand, online backup applications store data in secure, encrypted servers and cloud systems. This eliminates the chances of information getting lost or stolen, since backed up data is kept offsite. Online backup solutions such as carbonite store user’s information on cloud servers, virtually eliminating any possible loss of information.

    Easy File Recovery. Retrieving information from conventional storage devices can prove hectic. You have to plug the specific device on a PC, and then manually search for the specific information needed. In case data was saved in the wrong format, you must obtain other applications first to convert the media to the required format, before it can become usable. Such tasks can take up considerable time to undertake. On the other hand, online backup solutions make information retrieval a cinch. You simply load the requisite software such as carbonite backup, enter your personal details, and rapidly restore information to the designated server.

    Remote Access. It is impractical, inconvenient and risky to carry around CD’s, external hard disks and similar data storage devices. These devices are sensitive by nature, and prone to damage due to mishandling. Such damage can be disastrous in case you require certain information while on business trips, or away from the office. Online backup solutions allow for remote access of stored data using various technologies. You can access your account using smart phones, tablets or PC, and retrieve stored information with relative ease. This is made possible via enterprising cloud storage technology utilized by such providers as Carbonite and Mozy, two of the leading online backup solution providers in the market today.

    Affordability. The long-term value of online backup solutions are ultimately fairer than physical means of data storage. Conventional methods of backing up data require upfront payments for hardware, software and other backup media. Organizations dealing with huge amounts of data may need to hire extra staff to monitor, label and track archived information. This is quite costly in the long-term, in comparison with online backup solutions. Here, you only pay a small monthly fee depending on the amount of data stored, and technologies utilized by the provider. Automatic data storage and organization translates to a lower IT budget, in terms of servers, storage apparatus and staff.

    With the increasingly growing popularity of online backup solutions, you will be able to find a lot great deals that can definitely help you get some savings. Discount savings can vary and can be very substantial depending on the type of service that you are getting. For example, sometimes you can really get deep discounts on online backup for personal use, which will depend on period of subscription you choose. Such deal offers also apply to business online backup solutions, which really have become very affordable over the years.