• The Key Benefits of Online Backup Technology

    online-backup-03In case you are not familiar with online backup technology, this technology which is also referred to as cloud-based backup or remote backup, is a process wherein files and hard drive data are stored remotely or in datacenters other than the location where the main computers are located. The stored content is regularly backed up on a computer or server using a network connection. The idea behind this process is to safeguard information of a business or personal data from the risk of loss in case of fire, theft, hacking and other disasters. It uses encryption and password protection system to ensure safety and privacy.

    There are number of companies that provide this storage method. The selected data is automatically stored even when it’s actively accessible to user or is being updated. This process has many benefits and many upcoming small businesses and mid-sized enterprises have entered the data storage market and the numbers keep soaring.

    1.  In this digital age, most computer users keep thousands of files from financial records to family photos. The hard drive then is likely to become chock full of data that cannot be replaced. The computer system can fail any moment either because of common equipment errors or fire and theft. It’s therefore crucial to remotely backup data.

    2.  As compared to other data storage methods, online backup services tend to be more secure. Apart from offering you with convenient schedule programs, the storage companies apply cutting-edge security measures which include technologies like military-rated and state-of-the-art encryption.

    3.  Having a backup solution means you can always get a copy of your data whenever you want. The entire process of retrieving data is simple and very fast. The survival or closure of your business can depend on how fast you can recover damaged or lost data. The technology is also very reliable and simple to maintain, according to Carbonite Business reviews site 95Box.com. If you choose full back up solution, all your files are easily found when needed and if you frequently store data, you are assured of a more current data to restore.

    4.  When a company undergoes technology changes or upgrading, they need a way to secure their old digital data to comfortably transfer into the new systems. Backing up files helps a business to restructure their business without worrying that they may get wiped out. You can recover and restore the data once the new system is in place.

    5.  It can be very risky for a business to burn and throw away previous client’s files. Sometimes old files stand the risk of being tampered with and are at the risk of accidental deletion. Backup technologies serve as archiving solutions. Storing these files will not only be secure but will also spare space for your hard drives.

    6.  Online backup has become very affordable, which means that individuals can use online backup without doing major damage to their back accounts. It used to be that only businesses or companies could afford implementing and using online backup. However, with advances in technology and the internet, online backup has become a truly affordable option for families and individuals. If you are interested in saving money on your business backup and storage infrastructure costs, you can use these business online backup solutions such as a Carbonite Business server backup which also backs up your business servers or a Carbonite pro business plan which is used by a lot of small business owners who do not use their very own servers.

    Due to the growing importance of backup technology, it’s essential to start shopping for the best solution in the market. Look for these features to buy the best system for your kind of business:

    1.  Service features: The solution should be easy and convenient to use. Not only must it be automated but also able to schedule tasks on regular basis so that you save current updates. You should be able to access your data from any computer as long as you key in your security details.

    2.  Security features should provide privacy and safety.

    3. Affordability is also a key factor when you get a business backup solution so that your business will be able to get a better ROI on your investment. The reason that you are outsourcing your company’s backup infrastructure is to reduce your capital outlay. It also helps if the backup solution is affordable. In the case of Carbonite, a Carbonite offer code provides instant discount and savings, which helps your company’s bottomline.

    4.  The help and support system should readily available. If automatic, then let it be user-friendly.

  • How To Choose Your Online Backup Service Provider

    online-backup-cloud-technologyMore and more folks are realizing the need to back up online. The concept of online backup is quickly spreading and is tempting a lot people to try it out. Even businesses are relying on this kind of backup. There’s just no doubt that everybody is just so amazed with all the conveniences that come with online backup.

    Given the importance and popularity of using online backup, there should be a clear-cut guide as to how to choose the right online service provider. Below are the steps that can guide you very well.

    Step One: In choosing your online backup service provider, consider the locations of the off-site data storage. Also look into the company’s security standards. Is it in compliance with the government’s security standards?

    You really need to make sure that the online backup service can protect all your computer files. After all, your files are are very valuable.

    Step two: Consider an online backup service that is also used in small businesses. Knowing that companies rely on the same online backup service will give you some peace of mind. Think of it this way. If companies can rely on it to protect their files, then there’s no doubt that you will also be getting the same file protection.

    Step three: Go for the free trials provided by some online backup service providers. This is the best way to see if the online backup service is compatible with the operating system of your computer.

    Step four: Make a checklist of all the right questions. Here are some questions that you might want to keep in mind:

    • Is the customer support available 24/7?
    • Can the online backup service take in several PCs under just one account?
    • Is there a storage limit?
    • Is there a user limit?
    • Is it compatible with Mac and can it offer support for this particular brand?

    Step five: Check out the various plans and corresponding rates. Does it offer a flat rate for storage limit levels or better yet, unlimited storage.

    Step six: Look into the various reporting tool of the online backup service. As a valued customer, you should be getting a daily report on how your data is backed up and protected.

    Step seven: Consider the online backup service provider that guarantees security alerts. Make sure that it sends security alert emails most especially when the backup fails.

    Step eight: Look into the disadvantages as well. Does it require an internet connection 24/7?

    With eight steps enumerated above, you will be able to find the right online backup service provider.

  • Can Computer Files Be Accessed Easily With Online Backup?

    latest CARBONITE offer codeOne of the best features of online backup is that you can access all your computer files anywhere and anytime. This means that you can use any computer, gadget, or device to access any of your files. And you can do this anytime as long as your computer, gadget, or device is connected to the internet.

    The process is very easy to do.  All you have to do is log into your account and look for the particular file that you need to retrieve. Right click on that file to download. In a few seconds, you will have a copy of a file that you had saved on your laptop. Thanks to your online backup, you can access your files using another computer. That is a good thing about online backup.

    There are also some online backup apps. You can download this on your smartphone or any gadget. This will make it easier for you to retrieve files ubiquitously. So in case, you have an important meeting or presentation and you have forgotten a particular file at home, all you really need to do is access that file from your smartphone. Clever isn’t it?  You will never have to carry your laptop around. You will also never have to deal with the stress of forgetting a file at home. The meeting or presentation goes on as usual.

    This feature is best described on R-FATE.com. According to them, the “offsite backup storage location” ensures the total protection of all files from any possible disasters or mishaps onsite. The subscriber is able to access files using  any gadget, device, or computer. The great thing about is that it can be done anytime and anywhere.

    Backing up online is just as easy as retrieving files from another computer, device, or gadget. With online backup, you can either go for manual or automatic setting. While most people prefer the automatic setting, the manual setting comes in handy at times when you want to monitor the backups. But personally, I prefer the automatic setting.

    One particular online backup is very easy to use. All you really need to do is launch the software by clicking on the icon itself. With the easy interface, you can immediately choose the setting you prefer.

    Remember that online backup is supposed to make it easier for you. So my suggestion is to choose the online backup service that is very easy to navigate. While there are a lot of online backup services, you need to make sure that the one you will choose is easy to install and work with. In line with that, I would recommend that you choose a service that offers unlimited online  backup. While there are other services that offer limited online backup, it is more practical and economical to go for the unlimited online backup that comes with a fixed rate such as Carbonite. The fixed rate together with the unlimited online backup will make it easy for your budget. In fact, you can use the following discount deals: a Carbonite Home plan offer code and a Carbonite Server Business plan offer code, both of which can save you more money on what is already a very affordable online backup.

    So there you go. Retrieving your files is very easy most especially if you choose the right online backup service.